Feeling The Pride of Lions

At Lawrence, pride is evident in classrooms and hallways, on the stage and playing fields, and in the air.

Our students have lots to be proud of. Overcoming challenges, they come to know who they are and how they learn best.

At Lawrence, students don’t just find their voice. They roar, whether advocating for themselves in college or cheering for their friends in our many sports and theatrical productions.

In this kind and supportive community, students are as proud of each other's accomplishments as they are of their own.

But Lion Pride is not restricted to students. The entire community is proud of both students and the school. Faculty and staff are honored to work here. Parents champion Lawrence, just as we champion their child. And our confident alumni take their pride with them when they leave, empowered to write their own success stories.

They know they can do whatever they put their minds to because they already have.