Removing Barriers, Unleashing Potential

As children arrive at Lawrence, they put down the burdens they carry and pick up a toolbox with their name on it.

Building begins immediately and transformations happen quickly.

Our program is deliberate, research-based, multisensory, and personalized. With help from our skilled faculty, students find the tools that work best for them. This includes technology, which like everything at Lawrence, is taught, utilized, customized, and fully integrated for the sake of students.

Because of this differentiated approach, students progress at their pace, moving on as they achieve mastery and taking increased responsibility as they go. Because our community understands and appreciates what each child brings to it, students leave stress behind, and their growth – academic, personal and social – accelerates.

By the time students graduate, they are prepared for whatever comes next – for collegiate success, diverse careers, and futures of their own construction.